Is Russia ready for the Winter Olympics in Sochi?

Is Russia ready for the Winter Olympics in Sochi?-predlog-com

Decision that the Olympic Winter Games 2014 will be held in the Russian city of Sochi, was perceived ambiguously. Many skeptics both in Russia and outside it doubted whether all be able to organize at the appropriate level , given the enormity of necessary work , and it even possible to host the Winter Olympics in the vicinity of the subtropical seaside resort. And what about now, when before the opening games were a matter of months ?

Visiting inspectors from the International Olympic Committee
Is the Russia for the Olympics ? Comprehensive answers to this question have been obtained recently. In late September, a representative delegation visited Sochi International Olympic Committee , headed by Jean- Claude Killy , composed included numerous journalists . Guests were able to see for sports facilities in Krasnaya Polyana , while hitting a snow storm .
If we consider that the day temperature in the Sochi was 18 – 19oS heat effect was particularly impressive. And by the way , was immediately answered one of the questions skeptics : will the weather conditions subtropical Sochi successfully host the Winter Olympics. But in case of unexpected weather anomaly to the top games will be prepared setting snowmaking and snow cannons .
Earlier weakness was the inaccessibility of Krasnaya Polyana . The road back from the coast of the Black Sea took at least 2 hours. However, Olympic organizers have solved this problem . Construction of a new railway line Krasnaya Polyana – Adler, which runs on high-speed train “Swallow” . That it toured inspectors , making sure that it is now finding ways to not exceed 1 hour.

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F -K . Killy Olympic facilities after the inspection , answering journalists’ questions , do not skimp on the praise. He noted that in the history of the Olympic Games there is no example of such a big , ambitious project , which is almost completely done. After all, when Sochi was declared the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics , it was no more than 15 % of the required facilities.
But over the next few years had done enormous work . Built 11 sports facilities , world-class tourist facilities about 200 engineering and destination, laid over 250 kilometers new roads. “The result is outstanding ! ” – Summed up the F -K . Killy. And it can be considered an answer to the question of whether Russia is ready to hold the Winter Olympics .

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